The Life Erotic – Raeah
This new flight of fantasy from maverick director Paul Black stirs up conflicting emotions with its unique blend of the erotic, unsettling and inscrutable. Raeah looks like a beautiful character from a fairytale, her face impassive as feathers swirl around her and paint streams down the walls. She is naked and paint-streaked, the disturbing sexual tension rising as she daubs paint over her breasts ritualistically. She brushes paint around her abdomen and thighs and smears it down over her pussy, her breathing heavy, her movements slow and deliberate as she plays the bristles of the brush over her clitoris. Lying back on the mess of feathers, she uses the condom-wrapped brush handle as a dildo, her pussy glistening as it opens up to take her makeshift toy. The sticky sounds of her arousal grow louder as her thrusts gather pace, wetness pouring out of her as she fucks herself to an orgasm that leaves her shaking. The meaning may be obscure but the imagery is unforgettable.

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