The Life Erotic – Tess B and Tracy Lindsay
Tracy Lindsay muses on the nature of her obsessional love for Tess, seen first in a film projection and then in reality as Tracy spies on her. As her fantasies overwhelm her, she tugs on the rope bound around her naked torso, removing her stockings and touching herself languorously. She chains herself to the bed, smearing lipstick on her fingers as she sucks them and then thrusts them into her pussy. She masturbates fervidly, her body writhing with pleasure as the horny sensations course through her. She stretches out her lovely long legs, licking her hot skin, then pulls against her restraints as she rides her fingers. Rolling onto her front, she penetrates herself with her fingers again, humping back against her hand. Her orgasm hits her like a tornado. As she release herself from the chain, gazing at the pictures of Tess, her inner turmoil is written on her face.
Pornstars:  Tracy Lindsay
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It’s alright to talk about corruption but this does not only apply to one race.

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