PlayBoyPlus – Khloe Terae – Thigh Highs

International model Khloe Terae is ready and waiting for you in this video by Bobby Hewitt. Done up in a violet lace bra and a bottom-baring pair of panties, Khloe’s on the bed, and she’s more than ready for you to join her. Watch as Khloe undoes her bra, looking back at you over her shoulder, before she leans back and slips out of her panties, her long legs even longer in a cute pair of knee socks. She may be new to us, but Khloe’s no amateur – she’s been a Playmate in several different countries, and when it comes to men, she knows just what she wants. “I’ve never dated an American man,” she admits. “I prefer Europeans – Greeks or Italians – but if I’m attracted to you, I don’t discriminate!”

Pornstars: Khloe Terae




I grew up believing marriage was a man & woman until I met others who were not like me, they were people I called friends, co-workers and believe God created everyone and this is not new (check out Greece and Rome for example).

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