This might be the wrong place (please accept my apologies if it is), but I was wondering what the best scene you saw, where you knew the person/character was having their brains fucked out.

I’ve seen some clips on some websites, but thought they could have a thread in their own right!

This thread doesn’t apply to hardcore (plenty of good threads out there for that), but for more the softcore/ mainstream niche.

I’ll give you two examples

Example 1, (mainstream, obvious acting, so no sex)

Brande Roderick – Club Wild Side 2: (guy straining)

Example 2, (softcore, suspect real sex and even multiple orgasm!)

Erika Jordan from Sin City Diaries: (girl straining)

If you can find any where their heads are hanging upside down, or even struggling with the dick (like the 2nd example), even better;-)

Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

I’m around Ottawa, when I’m out walking, and thanking me for talking about (mental illness).

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