Julia Ostertag “SEXJUNKIE”

“A film about the difficulty to join love and sexuality and the inability to live without emotional contact”,
this is how filmmaker Julia Ostertag describes her short film SEXJUNKIE.

Muscular young guys penetrate her with their fingers and cocks. She gives blow jobs and masturbates them. Occasionally, we witness orgasms. The lovers are then intertwined and utter unspectacular sounds of complacency. There are no “cumshots” – these images are not about sex, they are about love. In her cinematographic essay Ostertag stages “sexuality as a source of warmth in a cold world“.

Her erratically recited analytical comments lair on distinctly intimate, in part pornographic images. Her voice sounds hard and lacks any emotion except, maybe, anger with herself. It is an arduous act of self-release in which the filmmaker openly blasts herself. This is “selfsexploitation” like experienced in Richard Kern or Nick Zedd´s “cinema of transgression”. Even if the film, like its 20 year old predecessors, bears an air of self-destruction it is still about self-release and self-discovery. The individual insecurity and vulnerability that Kern and his screen muse Lydia Lunch often hide behind provocative gestures is visible in every minute of Ostertag´s 10 minute-film. It is its blunt outspokenness that makes SEXJUNKIE an exciting and authentic piece of underground cinema.
A woman spits it out – respect!

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