Monique and Kathy have dreamt of a modelling job for a long time. Finally they got an address in Munich to start their career. When they arrive at the house an old man (Hans Billian) opens the door telling them to leave straight away. Without money in their pockets, and without a roof over their heads, they hit the road. But not for long as they are picked up by two well-dressed guys (Jean Pallett and Andreas Teepunkt) and our girls get intivited to stay at Jean´s house. The girls know how to please the landlord as well as all guests and even the stuff. Hot sex action is guaranteed when past-master Hans Billian paints the town red again.
The genre movie “Karriere Girls 1” was originally released by Tabu in 1995,
DVD reissue in their “Golden Classics” series as (Cat.No.60559) in 2008.



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